3 Perfect Blush Styles Make Your Winter Vibrant

3 Perfect Blush Styles Make Your Winter Vibrant

Many women’s face will look pale under low temperature in winter and spring, so the full white unnatural base foundation is not enough to create a nice makeup look. It is time for the natural blush palette to play its magic by making your face and winter vibrant with some beautiful and natural colors. The best blush palette can modify your face shape and achieve healthier complexion for you. What you will need in winter are some warm blush colors, just like following 3 perfect blush styles! With a soft blush brush, you can have a pretty complexion within seconds.

The lovely orange blush palette: find the highest point of your cheek bone and use the best blush brush to brush your face lightly upward. Then use the brush that stained with the brush again to draw circles around the central position of your cheekbone. In this way, the blush color in your face will be strengthened, whose theory is using the shades to create a sense of hierarchy.

blush palette

natural blush palette
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Super natural red blush palette: use the oblique angled blush brush in the large area around the position of the prominent cheekbones. The drawing way is to draw circles evenly too. Then use the brush stained with red blush to paint below the cheekbones, which will make your facial features more obvious and make your face look smaller.

red blush palette

blush brush



Bright pink blush palette: with the middle finger taking appropriate amount of the blush balm, gently leave 2-3 points lightly on the cheekbone. Then use the index finger to apply the blush evenly around the cheek. Remember to clap the blush slightly or the color of the blush will be unnatural and uneven the blush will last longer by this way.

pink blush palette

best blush palette
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colorful blush brush
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