3 Simple Steps to Make Your Lip Makeup Look Perfect

3 Simple Steps to Make Your Lip Makeup Look Perfect

Every girl knows how to paint a lip makeup, but not everyone do it professionally and perfectly. Applying the lip makeup like a pro is never just open the lip gloss and paint carelessly. It require some tricks and necessary steps. But it is never too complex too. Following these 3 simple steps, you can be a lip makeup master soon. Easy things you need in this tutorial: a natural lip balm, a wax lip liner, and a glitter lip gloss that fits you. If you don’t know how to choose an appropriate lip gloss color for you, read this post first: http://www.newchicbeauty.com/lip-color-makeup.html

  1. Draw the outline of a lip shape with the waterproof wax lip liner. It is never a non-necessary step, which is going to achieve a perfect lip makeup shape for you. The main purpose of the lip line is to help your best glitter lip glossstay within the perfect outline, just where they should be.

wax lip liner

HUAMIANLI Lip Liner Pen Makeup Waterproof Lips Pencil Cosmetic 12 Colors, US$3.99



Newchic wax lip liner

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  1. Paint the best natural lip balmbefore applying the red or pink glitter lip gloss. In this way, you lips can be moisturizing enough and enable the natural glitter lip gloss look better and last longer. The ingredients of the natural lip balm for dry lips can care for your lips.

natural lip balm

BIOAQUA Natural Honey Lip Balm Moisturizing Smooth Soft Nourish Lips Care, US$3.02


  1. Apply the moisturizing glitter lip glosscarefully. Never use the red glitter lip glossoutside the lip line you just drew. Paint the holographic glitter lip gloss harder in the middle of your lips while lighter in the both two ends. At last, shut your lips lightly, remember, lightly, over strength will ruin the lip shape you just created.

glitter lip gloss


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Newchic glitter lip gloss

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