4 Steps to Repair Your Skin After Sunburn

4 Steps to Repair Your Skin After Sunburn

After staying outdoors for a long time in summer, feel hot, red even pain in your skin? Oh babe, you are sunburned in this hot hot hot season. I almost feel having a high fever when walk in the street, not to mention the beach surfing, garden picnic…You know what’s worse after the discomfort you are suffering? Sunburned skin! There is a saying that it will take half of year to whiten your skin while it only take half an hour to get it tan! However, there is still a chance for you, you can make a good use of the following three days to repair your skin.

Aloe Vera

  1. Sooth the skinas soon as you arrive home. Use as much as spray water in your sunburned skin. You can also choose some mild and natural products like aloe vera to cool your skin. Aloe vera can make your skin comfortable more quickly when used after it was store in the fridge for a while.
  1. Use essence to moisturize your face. After your skin is ‘calm down’, it still need to drink a lot of water to recover. The cells in your skin might be hurt badly after being exposed to the fierce sun for a long time. Essence is like a dose of cure to the ‘sun poison’.

Aloe Vera

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  1. Use whitening skincare products after your skin have enough water. You can use the whitening products after the spray water and essence now instead of at the beginning. Your skin is not so fragile now and the elements in the whitening products won’t cause discomfort to it.
  1. Deep repairing after 2~3 days.Ultraviolet rayscan damage the collagen in our dermis cells. So people’s skin will get aging if not cared carefully after sunburn. Vitamin E and protein can help you to restore the elasticity of skin. You don’t have to worry about the skin aging problem when often use the natural antioxidant–vitamin E.


aloe vera


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  • ayudamayanthi August 23, 2017 4:13 pm

    Yes! Aloevera seems like th healing best for every damage!


    • Wallis XIE September 7, 2017 6:59 am

      And its ingredients are so natural, which can heal the skin allergy too.

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