5 Things You Should Know About Sunscreen

5 Things You Should Know About Sunscreen

Sunscreen is important for skincare. It can help us to stop the harms of skin sunburning and aging from sunshine. Though we use it everyday, we might still don’t know some details of it. Here comes 5 things you should be aware of.


  1. Choose the SPF upon the occasions. Normally range form SPF 15~50. That doesn’t mean that higher SPF is always better. Though higher SPF has higher sun blocking power, the bigger burden to your skin too. If you are living in the city want it for daily use, SPF 15 is enough already. When you are going for some outdoor activities, choose APF 30+ sunscreen, but not apply it every day.
  1. Will the sun blocking effect last for a long time? SPF degree multiples 15 minutes. If the SPF degree is 15, multiple 15 minutes, then the result is 225 minutes, that would be the time of your sunscreen effect under the sun.


  1. How much should you apply? If the sunscreen layer in your face is not thick enough, the sun blocking function will be decreased. So you should try to use a little bit more than enough.  Apply it towards one direction but not back and forth. The layer in your body should be thicker than your face.
  1. Refine or not? The answer is yes surely! Refine it once in every 2 hours. You can apply some spray toner to moist your face. Before you use the sunscreen in the morning, you can use some honey cream first. The moist effect is very good and it can avoid skin allergy too.
  1. Should you use makeup remover? If your sunscreen is water-proof, you have to use remover.  If you feel oily in the face with the sunscreen, you also need to remove it. When it is not waterproof and has not foundation ingredients, not using remover is ok though. You can only use some daily facial cleanser.


You should have a clear idea now. Here comes a recommendation from Newchic. Apropos SPF degree, which can protect your skin effectively without causing burdern. Owning long time lasting sun blocking power, it also won’t make your face oily with good and natural moist ingredients.

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