7 Best Christmas Party Hairstyles 2017 to Rock Your Holiday!

7 Best Christmas Party Hairstyles 2017 to Rock Your Holiday!

The party season is officially here, you can have as much fun as you want since there is only little time left in 2017! Party queen, except the fantastic makeup, you need to attach great importance to the hairdos with some crystal hair accessories too. Otherwise a lame hairstyle is going to ruin your look. Newchic.beauty has collected the best street hairdo pictures from the fashionistas to help you find inspirations. With following diversified hairdos and boho hair accessories, you can make the perfect choices according to different themes of the parties and occasions. Even when you are a daring girl that wants to try some unique and bold bridal hair accessories to rock the party!

Front bun hairdo. If you just go for the ordinary bun hairdo, that would not be eye-catching in the party at all. However, if you try to set it in the front top of your hair with the braid hair accessories, that would be different! Imagine that you ran into a girl with this bun hairdo in the street, she must be the first one that catch your eyes.

crystal hair accessories

The bun hairdo kit you can find in Newchic:

bun hairdo kit


It could be a smart way to play the party in a cute style while others play it cool. Your bunny hairdo is going to be so lovely and the men at present would think it overwhelmingly sweet. They will mark a much higher adorable mark about you. Pair with a pink lipstick with the Christmas bunny hair accessories the visual effect will be more fresh and charming.

bunny hair accessories


You can find many choice of festive bunny hair accessories if you want to wear the bunny ear straightly. Christmas red, sexy black, sweet pink…

festive bunny hair accessories black bunny hair accessories  Christmas bunny hair accessories

The special braid styles. The more creative the braids are, the better they will be for the parties. Make a one-side braid or the high straight mid braid with the stylish braid hair accessories. Cool and elegant, the braid can create different feels with different shapes.

stylish braid hair accessories                braid hair accessories

Newchic has useful braid twist roller or chain hair accessory to help you finish the hairdo easily and quickly.

useful braid hair accessories


If you want to show a more powerful and mature looks, this lady boss hairdo is something you are expecting. Put all the hair to the right side if you think your left side face look prettier. Curl the hair to create small waves. Smaller waves will look more mature and feminine. Apply a classic red matte lipstick and a hair accessory for short hair, sexy, charming and elegant!

hair accessory for short hair

Recommendation red matte lip gloss from Newchic: matte and moist.

classic red matte lipstick

This hairstyle just show your feminine temperament so easily. Tie up part of the hair form the front to the back. Then you will look so charming and lovely. Any color of the hair can master this hairstyle. You can choose a beautiful boho hair accessory to add some attractive flavor to your look.

beautiful hair accessory

Recommendation moon hair accessory from Newchic: boho and vintage hair accessories:

beautiful boho hair accessory

Sometimes you don’t need a hairdo to show your elegant taste at all. Just blowing several natural waves and then wearing a crystal bridal chain hair accessory is nice enough! Everybody will see you as the sweet princess at the party.

bridal chain hair accessory

Recommendation form Newchic: luxury crystal pearl bead hair accessory.

crystal pearl bead hair accessory






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