7 Tips About the Best Sunscreen 2017

7 Tips About the Best Sunscreen 2017

Best sunscreen is so important to stop the harms of skin sunburning and aging from fierce sunshine. Some people think that there is no need to use sunscreen for face in winter because the temperature is not as high as hot summer. Totally wrong! The ultraviolet rays of the winter sunlight are even more fierce than that of summer! So it is more necessary to apply natural sunblock in winter days to protect our skin. Here comes some useful information you should know about sunscreen lotion! 

sunburned without using sunscreen


Why use sunscreen?

It seems that everybody know something about this question. But we should know it deeply as we could since best sunscreen for body does not only have something to do with our skin beauty, but also relate to out health. 1. Block the harmful ultraviolet rays to us. The constant depletion of the ozone layer puts us at higher risk of harmful rays from the sun. 2.Prevent premature senility of our skin. The sunburned skin will  will be aged and lead to wrinkles and fine lines more easily. 3.Reduce the risk of suffering from skin cancer. Sunscreen and sunblock can protect our skin from various types of skin cancers, especially melanoma.

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Higher spf sunscreen more effective? The SPF of the sunscreen ratings ranges form SPF 15~50, but it doesn’t mean that higher SPF is always better. The higher SPF has stronger sun blocking power, but the bigger burden to your skin too. For daily use, SPF 15 sunscreen is enough. When you are going for outdoor activities, choose APF 30+ sunscreen.

How long does sunscreen last? If the SPF is 15, multiple 15 minutes, then the effect of your sunscreen is 225 minutes or so.

How much sunscreen for face? If the sunblock cream coat is not thick enough, the sun blocking function might be not strong enough. Try to use a little bit more than enough.

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How often to reapply sunscreen? Usually reapply the sunblock for face for every 2~3 hours. Use some spray toner and cream to moist your face before using the sunscreen.

Do i need to use makeup remover for sunscreen? When the sunscreen lotion for dry skin is water-proof, a makeup remover is needed normally.  Or if you feel the face is oily with the sunscreen spf 50, you need to remove it too.

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