How to Achieve Perfect Thanksgiving Eye Makeup

How to Achieve Perfect Thanksgiving Eye Makeup

Want to look perfect at the Thanksgiving dinner? You need the best Thanksgiving makeup ideas. Apply some warm hues in your Thanksgiving eye makeup for this lovely gathering to achieve a festive looks! The shadow we apply in this post is going to coat a candlelit color on the eyelids, which is created by the maroon and fuchsia eyeshadows. When this eye makeup is paired with natural blush and lipstick, you are carrying the perfect Thanksgiving makeup for a family feast.

Thanksgiving makeup

Newchic Thanksgiving makeup
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1: Apply a maroon or fuchsia eyeshadow all over the eyelid and along the bottom lash line. We are using the popfeel eyeshadow makeup palette from Newchic.

2: Use a shimmery white or beige eyeshadow to highlight your tear-duct area, which is common in most of the palette.

Thanksgiving eye makeup

Thanksgiving eye makeup tips



3: Use a naked eyeliner to draw your waterline. This will help offset some of the redness in the eyeshadow.

4: Finish the Thanksgiving eye makeup with your favorite mascara, blush, foundation and everything that you apply daily.

Newchic Thanksgiving eye maekup
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Above tutorial is for the the hostess for the Thanksgiving dinner mainly. They should keep a simple thanksgiving makeup since they will be running around cooking on that day. Forget about the false lashes on Thanksgiving if you are the hostess in case that they might fall into the mashed potatoes or the turkey.

Thanksgiving makeup tips


If you are a gust of your friends for the Thanksgiving dinner, you definitely should draw a happy thanksgiving makeup with bright and eye-catching color that will make you look great good in photos. Besides the eye-catching Thanksgiving eye makeup, keep in mind to avoid the powders that make you look chalky or overdone.

Newchic Thanksgiving eye makeup
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