A Cat-Eye Makeup to Add Some Fun to Your Halloween Party

A Cat-Eye Makeup to Add Some Fun to Your Halloween Party

All kinds of funny and festive things explode in holiday party – sparkles, bright colors, snazzy silhouettes… Halloween is coming, how to make our style eye-catching and different this year? Makeup is an extra creative and vibrant part that shows you are a fashion party queen. Today’s recommendation is classic cat- eye makeup, once you master it, your Halloween night will be a success!

  1. The first step is to apply your favorite moisturizing and concealing foundation routine. The thing you do everyday that makes your face fresh and moist.
  2. Then define your brows by using a pencil to emphasize the natural shape of them. Pop a kiss of pink blush on your cheeks, which will create a highlighting effect.eye pencil
  3. Use teal-blue liquid liner blush to paint from the inner third of your eyelid to the outer corner. Then angle the end of your eyelash so it points up towards the outer end of your eyebrow. At last it will be not too severe nor too droopy.

eye liner model



4.When yourliquid liner has a moment to set, paint over the line with clear glitter liner gently. Then it is time to put the white shadow to the inside corners of your eyes. The white shadow will highlight your lashes and pop them with a sweep of mascara.

Eye Shadow


5.Finish the last step of your cat eye makeup withpink dark lip Look at the mirror, then the eye part for your fancy Halloween party is ready!

Cat Eye Makeup


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