Cleansing Tips For Different Skins In Fall and Winter

Cleansing Tips For Different Skins In Fall and Winter

In fall and winter, skin become comparatively dry and rough usually. So skincare is quite essential in these two seasons. As the air will get drier in fall and winter, the moisture of our skin will plummet too. And our skin will tend to become fragile than before as the lacking of water, which might even cause wrinkles if we just let it go and do nothing. How to rescue our skin? Know the cleansing tips for different skins and do the right cleansing work right is the first step.


Dry skin: The cleanser should has some effective moisturizing elements. When you wash the face, rub it softly, avoid strong fraction to the skin. The dry skin does not require frequent wash, one time in the morning and one time in the night are enough.

Neutral skin: Pay attention to daily facial cleaning and do at least one deep cleansing in every week to maintain the natural luster.

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Oily skin: To keep the skin dry and clean and to balance excessive oil, you can wash the face often. Wash your face with warm water for the first time to enlarge the pores. Then use the cool water.

Mixed skin. T position of mixed skin is not suitable to apply cream and it requires deep cleansing and pore shrinking mask to control excessive oil.

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