What Is the Difference Between BB Cream and Foundation?

What Is the Difference Between BB Cream and Foundation?

What is BB cream? BB stands for Blemish Balm or Beauty Balm, which is popular among Asian countries. Especially in Korea and China. BB cream foundation can be regarded as an upgraded version of foundation. How come such saying? That is because BB cream has same functions as foundation when it comes to makeup. They both can make your face smoother and cover up freckles and pimples.

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What is the difference between BB cream and foundation? To be brief, BB cream is different from foundation in various aspects, including the ingredient, usage and so on. BB cream contains a sun protection ingredience that gives the skin cover while makes it smoother. Besides that, it also has skincare ingredients combined, making your face nourished.     

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When to use BB cream foundation? If you prefer to have a natural look makeup or no-make-up effect, BB cream can satisfy your demand. As it has a very light and minimal coverage on your face, you will feel more comfortable wearing BB cream. For most of the office ladies, BB cream can be a good choice for everyday makeup. For teens, it is suitable for all occasions with natural look.

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