DIY Summer-Special Nail Art With Acrylic Nail Brush Set

DIY Summer-Special Nail Art With Acrylic Nail Brush Set

You may find your nail intolerably dull after repeating same pattern of color changing. Probably a simple flower or some cross lines could easily turn your nail into a vivid picture. In fact, you don’t necessarily go to a nail salon for expensive manicure. You can just make use of acrylic nail brush set to get your DIY nail art instead!

Given that summer is around the corner, I’d like to give you some tips about how to DIY your summer-special nail art with acrylic nail brush set, a useful set of tools for making nail more intriguing.

acrylic nail brush set

Step#1 Apply a clear coat for protecting your nail against the damaging effects of nail polish.

Step#2 Apply two coats of your favorite color nail polish (i.e. pink) as base shade.

Step#3 Design a pattern for your nail with regards to the overall collocation. For example, choose yellow nail polish for the flowers, green for the leaves.

Step#4 Paint the flower or dot in colored polish with dotting pen or brush. Or, put some crystal stickers onto the nails to make them shiny.

Step#5 Finish off the manicure with a top clear coat for more brightness.

acrylic nail brush setStep#6 Wait until the nails have dried up.

To be more specific, it is just as much fascinating to have one of your nail painted with design rather than have all applied. Rather, the key element of nail art is to highlight your unique design and distinguish yourself from others.

Feel tempted to get your first DIY nail art? We’ve rounded some nail art brush set for you. Let’s enjoy awesome nail art for this summer!


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