How to Draw Makeup For Different Lip Shapes

How to Draw Makeup For  Different Lip Shapes

There are different lip shapes of women. When we draw the lip makeup, it is a very important consideration. If we choose the right colors and suitable drawing methods, the complexion of our face will be so vivid and nice. Today, Newchic is going to show you the smart ways to draw an appropriate makeup for different lip shapes.

  1. Drooping lips. For girls who have drooping lips, circle the lips with a concealer first. Then use the lip liner to outline their lips. Make the ends of your lips slightly upturned, also, choose lipstick color similar to their lips color, which can weaken the visual effect of the lips. Moreover, go for brown lip liner to draw slightly upturned lips on both sides.
  1. Thin lips. The biggest advantage of thin lips is saving lipstick. Haha. Want to create a sexy thicker style? You can still use the pencil to draw lip slowly, then put the lip color in the position of the dotted line. And it is recommended to choose a color of high saturation and bright, so that you can highlight your lips.
  1. Elliptic lip. This lip shape is actually very lovely, but the lip peaks are not so obvious. So they might lack of the sense of line. If you want to highlight the line feeling, you can first use concealer to cover the upper lip, then draw the lip line on both sides, V form is good. Need to note that the lip should avoid wearing over bright lipstick.
  1. Thick lips. This lip shape has been representing sexy. However, it is not suitable for everyone. With deep outline and three-dimensional facial feature, people in Europe and America can earn extra points for this lip shape. But don’t worry, for the Asian, you can still cover the thick lip line smartly, then draw the lip range that you like and coat with lipstick color. Middle part can be coated with deep color, which can reduce the visual effect.


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