Best Ideas About Eye Makeup

Best Ideas About Eye Makeup

With so many eye shadow in your desk, you just draw the same one everyday? Won’t you be bored? To jump out of this stereotype, you can try to get hold of the following glitter eye makeup style! To embrace a perfect date this summer, go go go!


 glitter eye makeup

 #Romantic Light-pink Eye Make-up

Firstly use the glitter light-pink eye shadow honey as the base, then strengthen color of the end of your eye with super popular pink eye-liner, the last step is to slightly brush the tail of your eye with the mixed pink and brown powder, this can enlarge your eyes instantly, at the same time, naturally~



y Orange Adding Sweet Pink Eye Make-upglitter eye makeup

Use the color of golden rice as the base, then brush the belly of the upper eyelid in the vigorous honey orange, a pretty glitter eye makeup showed, how sweet it can be! If you want to look more innocent and lovely, the secret is to add a slim pink eye-liner.

 glitter eye makeup

#Dry Rose Eye Make-up

The base color is buff this time, then draw the large scale of your eye with peach shadow. And use brown to enlighten the outline at the OUTER-V area, finally, use the pink eye shadow powder to strengthen the glitter make-up at the lower eyelid, done!


glitter eye makeup

#Earth-colored Rose Eye Shadow 

The magic code to deepen your eye is to put the the emphasized color in the major part of your eye, then a keep point is that adding little brown shadow at the two ends. You can draw your eyes in a multilevel way this time!






A waterproof eye makeup remover for glitter eye shadow will be a perfect match, it it a very easy way to draw your beautiful eye-brown and lasts for a long time! You don’t have to worry that the make-up will be destroyed by sweat in summer when you take the   one with water-proof function. I am always a big fan of waterproof eye makeup remover and will find it unnatural while not carrying these two together.


waterproof eye makeup removerwaterproof eye makeup remover



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