Hot to Use An Eyelash Curler In 4 Simple Steps

Hot to Use An Eyelash Curler In 4 Simple Steps

Some ladies might be scared of curling their eyelash with the eyelash curler, but there is no need to since it is pain free and safe and you’ll be left with beautifully curled lashes that accentuate your eyes. Whether you are a novice or a curling pro, follow the simple 4 step instruction, you can get luscious lashes with the best eyelash curler in just a few minutes. Remember we do don’t recommend using heated eyelash curlers on your best false eyelash here since they have a curvature already and might fall more easily.

1. Keep your lashes clean and mascara-free before using the eyelash curler for straight lashes. Or it makes your lashes hard, not flexible and even lead to breakage when the mascara dries. Then keep your eyes open, open the drugstore eyelash curler and place your upper lashes between the two sides of it.

eyelash curler

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2.Start to curl from the inner corner of your eye, put the curler as close as possible to your eyelid without pinching your skin (just similar to the position that you stick the natural fake eyelashes). Apply gentle pressure on the eyelash curler when your lashes are tucked inside. Avoid clamping the eyelashes too hard, otherwise it gives your lashes a weird 90-degree angle bend rather than a natural curve, which might even be exaggerated than the drugstore fake eyelashes.

Hot to Use An Eyelash Curler In 4 Simple Steps


3.Hold the curling positionfor ten seconds, then repeat it a couple of times if necessary. The rule is to move outward to curl the entire lash line, and a high-quality cheap eyelash curler won’t require you to press too hard.

heated eyelash curlers

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4. Brush the eyelashes with the eyelashe brush. And apply the mascara freely to enjoy a darker and luscious eye makeup now.

Hot to Use An Eyelash Curler In 4 Simple Steps


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