How to Draw A Biting Lip With Your Lipsticks

How to Draw A Biting Lip With Your Lipsticks

Leading actress in idol drama actress are usually the popular trend of the public. Since biting lips makeup became a hit, its good moment never gone! Many super stars still worship such lip makeup with their lipsticks, so do the common fashion lovers like me.

Biting Lips Makeup

So-called biting lips, refers to the ruddy effect produced when the teeth bite the lower lip, the blood concentrate in the center of the your lips. But a biting lip makeup is not drawn randomly. The first step is to decide the color! The most fashionable and popular colors are cherry red, coral and bean red, and sexy bean red occupies a dominant position now. And you can find all such colors in Newchic.

Biting Lips Makeup

After choosing the right color,  you can draw the biting lips according to following steps now:

1.Start with an outline sketch on the upper lip. The line here looks a bit distorted compared to the previous sample.

2.Draw the outline sketches for the teeth biting the lower lip.

3.Add the upper lip.

4.Draw the actual lines on the lips.

5.Fill in the basic colors.

6.Add the highlights and shadows.


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