Learn 5 Losing Weight Tips from VS Models

Learn 5 Losing  Weight Tips from VS Models

Every girl wants to be as slim and sexy as the Victoria’s Secret models. However, many of us are often upset by the trouble of loosing weight. With no strong determination, with no scientific methods? Learn following 4 losing weight tips from VS models~

  1. Ensure 7-8 hours of sleep a day

The VS models have very fast work scheduler and sleep is more important to them. Kendall said that 7-8 hours of sleep every day can help her relax. So she can face the fitness training and busy work better in the second day of fitness training. That’s also the secret of her beauty.

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  1. Do different kinds of exercise daily.

Alessandra Ambrosio’s losing weight philosophy is to do mixed exercises every day. Choose different ways of exercising for different parts. Aerobic exercise such as jogging, dynamic cycling and kickboxing are for areas requiring fat consumption. While Anaerobic exercise like Yoga, Pilates, trot, and pedal exercise are for areas to build muscle lines and remodel body shape.

losing weight tips

  1. Purify the skin by food.

Bella Hadid advocates to strengthen and purify the body and skin. If the toxins increase in the body, your belly will get fatter and skin will get darker and rougher. To eliminate the toxins in the body, the Victoria’s Secret models carry out a simple way: drink a cup of milk or eat fruit in the morning. In addition, fruit vinegar, green tea, yogurt and wax gourd are good detoxification food.

losing weight tips

  1. Must eat breakfast.

Victoria’s Secret models have attached great importance to breakfast. Because Vanessa Packer said: “the key of a healthy breakfast to supply energy to our body and the first recommendation is oatmeal.” Control calorie intake seriously. However, the truth is that people who keep breakfast habit are half as likely to be obese as those who don’t.

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