How to Make Glitter Lip Gloss At Home

How to Make Glitter Lip Gloss At Home

This is gonna be another bonus post from Newchic Beauty. We’ve showed you some awesome DIY hair conditioners and DIY face masks before, and now it is time to show you how to DIY your own best glitter lip gloss at home! With some easy ingredients and simple tools you never think their special usages before, you can make an interesting and special glitter lip gloss quickly.

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Receipt 1: un-petroleum glitter lip gloss.

Ingredients: un-petroleum jelly and shimmer dust.

Pour about 1 tablespoon of un-petroleum jelly into a small container first. Then add the shimmer dust into the container and mix them well. No exact measurements needed for this recipe, just keep adding the jelly until it takes on the shimmer color to create a red or pink glitter lip gloss.

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HANDAIYAN Shimmer Matte Glitter Lip Gloss Moisturizer Liquid Lipstick Waterproof, US$6.99


Receipt 2: petroleum red shimmer lip gloss.
Ingredients: petroleum jelly, colored lipstick, vanilla essence, zip pouch, eye glitter.
Pour the colored lipstick piece, petroleum jelly, eye glitter, and vanilla essence into the zip pouch. Remove all the air out from it and zip to seal it. Then gently mix and blend the jelly and the color until well they are uniformly colored. At last squeeze out the gloss into a small container, the natural shimmer lip gloss is done.

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Pudaier Metallic Glitter Lip Gloss Liquid Shimmer Lipstick Long Lasting, US$4.79


Receipt 3: apple-flavored natural clear lip gloss.
Ingredients: natural apple essence oil, sweet almond oil, liquid vegetable glycerin, vitamin E oil.

Pour and mix the apple essence oil with almond oil and vitamin E oil in a small glass bowl. Then gently stir in liquid glycerin, and blend it well. At last pour the liquid gloss in a slender glass container and seal the natural lip gloss.

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