How to Make A Lipstick Out of the Eyeshadow Palette Easily

How to Make A Lipstick Out of the Eyeshadow Palette Easily

If you want to try some wild lipstick colors out without spending a lot in buying too many pieces, it is a good choice to make some lipstick shades by mixing your eyeshadow. Lucikly, lipstick and eyeshadow have the similar pigment that can be the replacement for each other easily. No matter you want to make your own special glitter lipstick or matte lipstick, with a little bit powder from you glitter eyeshadow palette or matte eyeshadow palette, you can create a personalized shade with just one minute. And you can find such multi-functional eyeshadow palette in Newchic:

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Simple tools needed: best glitter eyeshadow palette or best matte eyeshadow palette (as long as they have the colors that you want), mascara wand, a spoon of aquaphor or vaseline, a clean small container.

  1. Use the mascara wand to scrape over the surface of your pressed glitter eyeshadow palette or drugstore matte eyeshadow palette(depends on it is a glitter or matte lip color that you expect). Pour it onto a piece of paper.

How to Make A Lipstick Out of the Eyeshadow

  1. Put a teaspoon of aquaphor or vaseline and the powder into a clean bowl. Then mix the two ingredients together. The needed amount of the powder from the natural eyeshadow palette depends on the final look you want.

How to Make A Lipstick Out of the Eyeshadow 1

  1. The last step is to scoop your masterpiece into a clean container and cover with lid. Then you can apply your own lip color time to time!

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