Matte Eyeshaodw Palette VS Glitter Eyeshadow Palette

Matte Eyeshaodw Palette VS Glitter Eyeshadow Palette

Shopping the best eyeshadow pallets when we were makeup beginners, there is an unavoidable question in mind: which is better, matte eyeshadow palette or pressed glitter eyeshadow palette? In fact, even the quite experienced makeup applier will get confused about which eye shadow palette to choose when they go for different makeup styles. Drugstore matte eyeshadow palette and loose glitter eyeshaodw palette both have diversified color choice. But they have their own characteristics, we should have a clear idea before applying them on our eyelids.

Newchic glitter eyeshadow palette
IMAGIC Glitter Eyeshadow Magnet Palette Diamond Rainbow, US$16.99


The characteristics of natural matte eyeshadow palettes: being matte but not reflective brings an elegant decency, which usually show a natural refreshing eye makeup style. In general, we often use the gray, black, brown or earth color in the best matte eyeshadow palette to create daily makeup looks. Normally women won’t choose a matte eyeshadow palette for brown eyes with too many colors since we want them to cater for our basic needs only. 4 to 10 color options are quite enough for most of us. To show a matte but not dry visual effect, the regular moisturizing steps before applying the eye shadow palette must not be left out.

Appropriate occasions for matte eyeshadow palette: to match formal or casual clothes, to participate in the daily activities and for work, for ordinary dinner.

matte eyeshadow palette
4-Color Nude Matte Eyeshadow Palette, US$9.69


natural matte eyeshadow palettes
COCOSH SHE Makeup 9 Colors Meet Matte Eye Shadow Palette, US$12.65


The best advantage of the best glitter eyeshadow palette is that it can be used to brighten the area around our eyes. It can highlight our eyes and make them look deeper. When the obvious and shiny colors in the online glitter eyeshadow palette make a contract color collocation, a cool and special visual effect is created. There are glittering reflectors in the ingredients of this kind of eye shadow palettes for brown eyes , so it is always preferred choices for more lively and exaggerated requirements. Not all of the cheap glitter eyeshadow palettes in the market are heavy and shiny in the same degree, we can make personalized decisions according to our own specific needs. Similarly, we should not forget the moisturizing steps before applying the natural glitter eyeshadow palette.

Suitable occasions of glitter eyeshadow palette: at night when the light is softer and weaker, when you want to go for a smoky makeup looks, or participate in holiday activities or parties, or to match fancy outfits.

pressed glitter eyeshadow palette
IMAGIC Glitter Eyeshadow Magnet Palette Diamond Rainbow, US$16.99


loose glitter eyeshaodw palette
BEAUTY GLAZED Colorful Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette Long-lasting, US$11.78





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