Newchic Blog 12 Days Giveaway – Day 2

Newchic Blog 12 Days Giveaway – Day 2

After the great feedback on the day 1 of Newchic blog 12 days giveaway, here comes the benefit of the Day 2 to our dear fans. Though our gifts are not as great as what you can get from the  Ellen Show’s twelve days giveaway for sure, it is still time for us to extend our gratitude and appreciation for your support all along the way. See what present you might get from Newchic Blog 12 Days Giveaway again! What is waiting for you on the day2?

Newchic 12 Days Giveaway - day 2
We all know that makeup series are the leading product categories of Newchic, and matte lipstick series is getting more and more popular in 2017. To show Newchic blog’s sincerity about this giveaway feast, we are giving away this newly launched matte lipstick. Matte but moisturizing is the biggest strength of this matte lipstick. It has 9 color options and every color is long-lasting.

Attending rules are quite easy:

  1. Share this post to your network account like facebook,twitter, googel+, VK…In the more social networks you share and the more fans you have, the bigger your winning chance will be!
  2. Leave your sharing link and email in the comment zone below.
  3.  We choose the winners according to the likes number, the top 2 persons whose post earn the most likes will be the lucky fellows.

The Giveaway expired time is until the 23:59 of the next Giveaway day! For example, the Newchic Blog 12 Days Giveaway – Day 2 winning game is expired at the 23:59 of the Newchic Blog 12 Days Giveaway – Day 3!  the Hurry up, the earlier you share this post, the more likes you will get!




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