Newchic Blog 12 Days Giveaway – Day 8

Newchic Blog 12 Days Giveaway – Day 8

Today is the day 8 of Newchic 12 days giveaway! Are you one of the lucky winner on the fellow days? Since we are offering a bigger winning rate from day 7, there will be 3 winners on day 8 to day 12 of Newchic blog 12 days giveaway too! Now, whats is the great present today?


heart couple necklace

New Year’s Eve is coming, so does the Valentise’s Day, what about sending you love a piece of couple necklaces as a gift? He/She will be so deeply moved and love you back promisingly. The unisex design and the nice colors collocation of this heart shape love necklace is so beautiful and such a representative of your relationship.

Attending rules are quite easy:

  1. Share this post to your network account like facebook,twitter, googel+, VK…In the more social networks you share and the more fans you have, the bigger your winning chance will be!
  2. Leave your sharing link and email in the comment zone below.
  3. We choose the winners according to the likes number, the top 3 persons whose post earn the most likes will be the lucky fellows.

The Giveaway expired time is until the 23:59 of the next Giveaway day! For example, the Newchic Blog 12 Days Giveaway – Day 8 winning game is expired at the 23:59 of the Newchic Blog 12 Days Giveaway – Day 9! Hurry up, the earlier you share this post, the more likes you will get!



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