Create The Vintage Makeup Looks With Newchic’s Products

Makeup reviews September 27, 2017 0 Comments

In this glossy and fast-paced modern world, whizzing cars, pocket-sized computers, and exquisite makeup products with the latest technology are everywhere. Good items attempt to give us better skin and better look, and that is what Newchic’s products have been achieving. In Newchic, there are something charming, something glamorous, also something vintage. It has the combinations of modern technology with vintage appeal and allure. Following recommendations are very magical, which enable us to build an exciting makeup style. One…

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My First Cosmetics Package From Newchic

Makeup reviews August 12, 2017 0 Comments

Here comes a review of the surprising Chinese cosmetics. It is from the website named Newchic, which I think worth your visiting. I always expect the shipping can be faster when I make online orders, and the package did not make me disappointed. What’s in my package are some cosmetics: pallet of 15 eyeshadows, concealer, black lip gloss. Happily, when I take…

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