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The Best Blackhead Removal Mask in 2017

Skincare & Fragrance October 13, 2017 0 Comments

It is an immortal truth that every girl wants clear skin. But it could not be achieved easily at all and requiring a lot of efforts. You must be quite upset if you get closer to the mirror seeing some disgusting whiteheads or blackheads sitting on your pores. In this case, you will the need the help from an effective blackhead removal mask. Though blackheads are not the easy to get rid…

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A DIY Cucumber-Coconut Facial Mist for Fall

Skincare & Fragrance September 26, 2017 0 Comments

Fall is here officially, whether your local fall is humid or dry, there’s no denying that things can get sweltering at the season turning. What your face need is a refresh caring. Newchic urges you to reach for a soothing, cooling, and nourishing mist. Today we are going to teach you to make a DIY facial mist with two of common ingredients: cucumber and coconut water. Being natural, easily made as…

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How to Exfoliate Lips Naturally

Skincare & Fragrance September 21, 2017 0 Comments

Want your lips look fresh, smooth and reddish all the time? Exfoliation can help to get rid of the dead skin and balance the lip tone for you. It is nice to get rid of the impurities, flaky, dead, chapped or dry skin cells of your lips every certain period. After exfoliating them, your lips will get plain and soft and plump like baby lips. There are different ways to exfoliate your lips. Homemade scrubs…

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How to Care for Skin When You Are Pregnant

Skincare & Fragrance September 12, 2017 0 Comments

Normally, people would believe that pregnancy is the ugliest period for women. So some of them think skincare is helpless and give it up desperately while others still massage the skin with massage cream carefully. Listen, mothers-to-be, if you pay enough attention to the skincare, though you are pregnant, your skin can even be more beautiful like some superstars during their pregnancy. Mild cleansing.…

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