Stop Skin Allergy in Fall

Stop Skin Allergy in Fall

Fall is coming girls! Have you ever suffered from skin allergies when the season changes? I did! My skin is oily and sensitive, which I hate so much~ If you might meet the skin allergy problem like me. Then be careful and get prepared now. Get hold of the effective tips of stopping skin allergy in fall, or you will regret.

Since nowadays life and work is more and more stressed. Our skin is more and more fragile too. To stop skin allergies, we need to pay attention to every skincare step and every piece of skincare products.

  • Choose mild facial cleanser.

In the choice of facial cleanser, we should avoid products that containing acid or soap. Sensitive skin will be drier after using cleanser, the first thing should be applying moist to it after washing. In this way, you can release the tension of your sensitive skin.

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  • Choose light cream and natural tender.

When buying skincare products, we should attach great importance to the natural and simple ingredients. The alcohol free, fragrance free and non pigmented skincare products are what we are going for. The ones with soothing effect is better, following is a recommendation form Newchic. The natural relaxing ingredients can moisturize your sensitive skin.

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  • Stop strong irritative caring.

At the turning of the season, the resistance of sensitive skin defense force is weaker. Facial exfoliating or face steaming need to be paused. Also we should apply the familiar skincare products to it instead of changing the products easily.

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  • Use safer sunscreen.

Sunscreen can protect our sensitive skin from UV radiation of the sunlight. But not all of them are suitable. We should try to avoid using spray or gel sunscreen, these two types will make the skin more dry and itchy easily.

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