Sweet Makeup for Backing to School

Sweet Makeup for Backing to School

In the new semester, how to attract the attention from your classmates and seniors? A sweet makeup style can do that! Girls will consider a lot about what to wear to the school to start the new semester and the home-coming. Actually, they should keep in mind that an appropriate sweet makeup look is as important as the dress. Choosing a thin and natural liquid foundation is the first step to build such a look.

  1. A nice foundation can give you bright white and clear looking skin. With the thin and natural ingredients, following liquid foundation is a combination of whitening and concealer effect. It is undoubtedly the best choice for you.

liquid foundation

  1. Keep your eyes makeup moist and bright. Don’t need to make the eyes look bigger and exaggerated by choosing large diameter cosmetic contact lenses. Since it will always create a sad and dull feeling. Normal eyeliner in the normal position is just fine.


  1. The abundant “wild” eyebrow is the most suitable to create a sweet school makeup look. Flowing eyebrow hair fit the original eyebrow shape more and also let eyebrow makeup look more natural. A good choice to create a nude make-up.

eye makeup

  1. Apply pink blush to start the new semester with good complexion! How can your face has no energetic color as a young girl? Gently apply the pink or orange blush, which can show a full feeling of vigor and vitality in the cheek.

liquid foundation





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  • lentiamo September 5, 2017 8:51 am

    Note that the Korean circle lenses are usually the ones that make the eyes look kinda exaggerated.

    If you are looking for more “natural” results, just choose the usual coloured lenses that you find in major e-shops.

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