How to Use Eyebrow Enhancer

How to Use  Eyebrow Enhancer

Not every one is born with eyebrows of perfect shape luckily. However, with the best eyebrow enhancer products, we don’t have to stuck with it! Waterproof eyebrow pencil and clear eyebrow gel are the most useful and simple tools to draw the nice arches for our brows. If you are a starter and have not a clear idea about the right ways to use the long lasting eye pencil. Follow detailed and easy instructions are for you to draw the perfect eyebrows step bu step.


1.Brush the eyebrows up neatly with a soft brush. eyebrow enhancer drawing ways

2.Use short and light strokes to mimic your own brow shape, then fill the sparse areas with a natural long lasting eye pencil.

3.Use a similarly tinted eyebrow enhancer to define the shape of your brows more obviously if needed.

4.Brush through your brows again with a spool to blend out the color and soften any harsh lines that just drawn.

5.Now it to set all the eyebrows in place, comb through brows with a tinted eyebrow gel.

6.Dip a fluffy brush with a little bit of translucent powder then trace around the perimeter of the brows. The edge of eyebrow will look sharp and clean, done!


eyebrow pencil     eyebrow enhancer gel


To achieve the exquisite skills, following mistakes should be avoided:

Do not blend the Lines: You should comb the brows downward to blend the natural shape with your brown eyebrow pencil. Or use a shadow brush to soften the lines.

Draw too harsh lines at the beginning: Use the makeup eyebrow enhance to draw sketchy strokes after before blending. Never paint the over heavy color in the entire brow with harsh lines at the beginning.

Just use the eye pencil: The long lasting waterproof eye pencil is the best tool for drawing eyebrow shape, but you need more good eyebrow enhancers besides it. Colored eyebrow gel, brow powder filled in the section are quite essential.

eyebrow stamp


eyebrow enhancer pencil



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