How to Use Nail Art Tools

How to Use Nail Art Tools

Fancy nail art is so beautiful and we women just love it! However, it might be an expensive trip to the nail salon sometimes. And we need to think about the question: is it cost-worthy? The nail art will just last a few weeks and we need to change a new coat soon. So why not DIY the nail art at home? With the simple and cheap nail art tools from Newchic, it will just take a couple of minutes to achieve a cute nail art easily. Actually you don’t have to worry about handling the nail art tool kit though you might be are scared by seeming complex things that the salon artificers use. All you need to do is to look at the simple instructions of simple nail art supplies first. Then you can pick up the best nail art tools from Newchic to create masterpieces of your very own:

Nail brushes tools:Newchic nail art tools

Angled French Brush. For French manicures or simple color blocking, angled brush creates crisp edges of a design.

Striping Brush. A striping brush is a must for crisp, sharp even lines.

Detail Brush. Small, intricate designs and outlining require detail brushes.

Fan Brush. Paint your nails in a base color. Lightly sweep it over your nails to get a wispy feathered effect.

Nail art sponges. They make color-blending and creating ombre-like effects a cinch.

How to use the nail art dotting tool?

Draw symmetrical circles, such as eyes, polka dots and flowers by using a dual-end dotting tool.


How to use stripers and nail art pens

The striper makes it more easier than using a traditional striping brush and a bottle of polish. When you want to feel more like drawing a painting with the tools for nail art, go for a pen. Make sure to use the Newchic nail arts pens on polish only when they are complete dry.

tools for nail art


How to use cuticle pushers and removers

Use the wide side- pusher to push cuticles up off the nail plate before doing nail art. This lets you get polish on the whole nail. The pointy side-remover is used to scrape away the remaining of cuticle off.

cuticle pusher and remover


How to use the nail art tool – file and buffer

The most important step to make your manicure look professionally done is to make sure all your nails are cut and filed to the same shape evenly before applying polish. Start to even your nails with the rougher and bigger end of your file, and then use the smoother buffer to make your nails look perfect. Both two steps should be improving your nails in one direction but not back and forth. The Newchic nail art tool kit is especially handy.

Newchic nail art tools kit


How to use orange-wood stick

This nail tool is made for any purpose. You can use the angled side as a cuticle pusher. You can also achieve a 3-D nail art easier by dipping the pointed tip of the stick in top coat and using it to pick up rhinestone. Or you might use it to pull polish off in the skin on either side of your nail.

nail art tools kit


Knowing the nail tools and how to use them, you will find it so easier to DIY the nice nail arts at home now.

cheap nail art tools kit
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best nail art tools kit
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