How to Wash Human Hair Wigs?

How to Wash Human Hair Wigs?

Normally 100 percent human hair wigs are relatively expensive, but they are definitely worthy since they are the most natural hair wigs. In order to achieve maximum lifespan and the best appearance, it is important to care for your human hair wigs properly. When you choose the right maintaining and washing way, full human hair lace front wigs are much more resilient when it comes to straightening, curling, and dyeing. Though human natural hair wigs require extra attention and gentle care, it is not difficult to keep them looking healthy and vibrant at all.

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1: Detangle the human hair long wigs.

Carefully detangle the best natural hair wigs before you wash with a wide tooth comb. It is a little trick to start from ends and work toward the root to decrease hair shedding.

2: Rinse the natural hair wigs.

Rinse from roots of your black human hair wig to ends with warm water. Do not soak the blonde human hair lace front wigs or it might lead lead to tangling.

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3: Apply shampoo.

Apply shampoo work through the hair evenly by your hand, a small amount of shampoo is enough. Little tip: use circular motions to clean the cap of the womens natural hair wigs.

4: Apply hair condition.

Spread the hair conditioner on the blonde human hair wigs evenly. Then leave it in the best human hair lace front wigs for a few minutes before rinsing. Don’t apply conditioner to the root since it is a real human hair wig.

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5: Rinse the affordable human hair lace front wigs.

Flow the warm water to rinse the hair in the same direction with the long natural hair wigs to avoid tangling. Squeeze and press the hair to but do not wring it.

6: Dry your human natural hair.

Gently blot cheap human hair lace front wigs with a towel and blow your hair about 80% dry. Then brush the curly natural hair wigs until they are smooth and allow them completely dry naturally.

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7.Restyle your cheap human hair wigs.

You may still use a blow dryer to restyle your lace front natural hair wigs though. Curling iron or flat iron on low heat settings or use electric rollers on a medium setting.

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