How to Wear Matte Lipstick?

How to Wear Matte Lipstick?

Shimmer lip gloss and matte lipsticks are so important to improve the visual complexion of our face. So though we don’t want to do any makeup sometimes, we will still go for a natural matte lipstick to have a fresh and cheerful look immediately. Your smile is more attractive with a matching lipstick gloss. How to choose the appropriate lipstick colors? High shimmer lip gloss or not? Many people know to choose the color should be based on the one of our skin. However, do you know that different occasions, seasons and clothing colors are ought to be taken into consideration too?


For different occasions:
a. If you are attending an important dinner or feasts, in order nor to leaves others a frivolous impression, your lipstick should looked mature and avoid glossy color. A red matte lip gloss is perfect.
b. If you are a job interview candidate, just make yourself look serious, decent and responsible. Natural pink matte lipstick series can be a good choice.
c. A fresh color is appropriate for outdoor activities. The clear shimmer lip gloss reflects a vivid, lively makeup full of vigor.
d. Want a dazzling performance in a party night? Pink lipstick with gold shimmer in the middle of the lips helps you nail it.


For different seasons:
a.Saffron yellow, rose or coral matte lipsticks liquid is quite harmonious with natural scenes in Spring.
b.Light pink shimmer lipsticks are the best for summer that show a sense of vitality.
c. An orange shimmer glitter lipstick can highlight your feminine soft skin in Autumn.
d.Winter’s make-up should be clear and sharp, dark brown and grey matte lipstick shades create a 3D visual effect.

For the clothing of different colors:
a. Black: facial make-up requires much thinking for black outfits. It is better to choose best red matte lipstick, which brings a luxuriant and mature effect.
b. White: a clear matte lip gloss makes your looks more sedate in white clothing. A pink lipstick seems elegant, rich with some youthful flavor.
c. Red: red clothing should match with the same color natural shimmer liquid lipsticks, or pink, or the look might seem uncoordinated.
d. Purple: go for a purple matte lipstick too, avoid the contradicted red lipstick for purple.


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